Conquest of Camelot

by Sierra 1992


The Holy Grail!

It is the most famous and sought-after object in the world. It is the stuff that dreams and legends are made of. It is the one thing that will heal the heart of a king and breathe life into a dying land. More than all these things, it is a symbol of the trials of body, mind and spirit that all people face in their search for meaning and truth. Come with us to Camelot as the legendary King Arthur sets out on his ultimate quest.

In pagan times, the legends of Camelot were told as epic tales full of fearsome battles and tests of faith. Bold, colorful and often brutal, these tales survived the ages. They were a tribute to the legendary King of Britain who amnaged to bring the warring tribes of Saxons, Celts, Angles and Jutes under one rule and bring about a rebirth of western civilisation.Sadly, in the last half century, the Arthur legend has been recast as a cartoon and children's story. The mystic rituals and dark passions that colored the original Arthurian legends have been watered down to the soft and toothless fairy tales most commonly seen today.

With Conquests of Camelot, designer Christie Marx has dudg deep into the most ancient roots of legend to restore the power and passion of King Arthur and his court: his queen's forbidden love for Sir Lancelot; the struggle for supremacy between Christianity and the ancient Roman warrior-god, Mithra. The blending of myth, history and religion behind the Grail legend is dealt with honestly and directly.

This combination of pre-Medieval history and ancient legend makes for a more sophisticated, complex and powerful view of Arthur than any you may have seen before.

System requirements:

  • 512 K/8Mhz or faster
  • IBM, Tandy and MS-DOS compatibles
  • Supports Tandy Grahics, CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA and Hercules Monochrome
  • Hard disk recomended
  • Mouse/Joystick optional
  • Supports Roland MT32, Ad Lib, Game Blaster, IBM Music Cards and other music sythezisers

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