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Chewy - Escape from F5

At first sight he looks like a lumpish, shapeless clown. But when you take a closer look, you will realize that this pink, extraterrestial thing is quite lovable. Chewy, so the name of this hilarious contemporary, is caged in his cell on the planet F5 at the beginning of this Blue Byte adventure of the same name. His jailbird is already skeletonized  and seems to have had experienced better times when alive, because his head is still decorated with a monocle. While Chewy is looking around in the closer environment he regards the spinach (choke), dripping from the ceiling, a flap beside the high security door opens, and a hose with a camera eye comes in, followed by another tube, trying to feed Chewy with spinach. But this isn't pleasing our pink guy for a long time, and after he sets the camera with spinach out of service and the feeding hose with a pillow, he finally escapes from his inhospitable dwelling.

Next is to explore the rest of the building, and soon one gets to know the Borx,  the villains in this game. They not only look disgusting, they also behave accordingly. Thus everyone immediately knows that this are not the good ones who have to be paddled, destroyed or... 

And here Blue Byte's game already shows an enormous difference to all what displeased us in the last months and what engaged BPjS: No blood flowing, and violence is as evil as in comics of the seventies. The best proof for this is given in a sequence in a hotel corridor. There some Borx emerge, and if you try to shoot them, suddenly the perspective changes. You now don't look at Chewy anymore, but with his eyes over the barrel of a gun, and it makes "doom"! Nobody gets hurt or let alone killed with this action.

You shouldn't take the whole thing seriously anyway, because a short time after you energize a Bork, you will land in a torture chamber. There Chewy meets a "Nimoyan", and those who don't find out now, on whom this character is based, is beyond help - and hardly will be able to detect the great josh of cult-movies and -series. It also will appear later in numerous dialogues.

Return to nature
After taking and using various objects Chewy finally escapes and lands close to the village "Small Town" in Howard's cellar. He is a misjudged writer, who tries in vain for years to publish a book with the title (satire on) "Esc from F5" (satire off).
Howard felt into a type of coma over his efforts, and Chewys next task will be to extinguish the burning spaceship with which he landed, and then revive Howard from the dead. Together with him the pink E. T. will experience still a good deal more adventures at shot colored, dangerous as well as funny locations. And if the two are successful, then Howard's book will be a bestseller one day.

German language - good language
For Chewy is a pure German product, it already gets a bonus. How often have you worried about unsatisfactory translations, when puns were only insufficiently transferred into German? Here you can enjoy it in writing and speech and laugh with all your heart when for instance a computer terminal begins to philosophize like once the speaking bomb in the movie "Dark Star" by John Carpenter.
For each scene, even for each individual room, there is a characteristic music. The danger of a repeatingly played theme is accordingly small, unless you stay a very long time at the same place (which sometimes can occur owing to the tough puzzles). All characters can talk, and the voices fit damned well to what they are to embody. The graphics - well, "Day of the Tentacle" can be called a comparable example. Bevel furniture, hilarious animations, an almost expressionistic impact and in addition many cut scenes - animation sequences, that cannot be influenced by the gamer - sit back and have a ripping good time! By the way: What looks like SVGA is "only" VGA!

The Comic style of Tex Avery ("Bugs Bunny") is provided here, which already let LucasArts earned a packet, and skillfully indeed.
The puzzles are full of surprises, and what at first sight appears to be illogical, is the only to fit the bill. But who is asking for logic if the whole game rather has the purpose of truely slate well-known?
I'm not telling more about the inspiring story (to keep suspense). Heart, what do you want more?

Which was noticeable to us:

+ spacy story!
+ successful persiflage!
+ top graphics and sound!


  • Graphics: 4 of 5
  • Sound: 4 of 5
  • Comfort: 4 of 5
  • Total: 4 of 5

System requirements:
486/33 (recommended), 8 MB RAM, 2x CDROM-drive

Developer: Blue Byte


PC SPIEL © 12/95


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