Codename Iceman

von Sierra 1990


A 3D animated adventure game.

A global oil shortage ...

... radical terrorists ...

... international crisis ...

... and one man can make the difference.

Techno Thriller by Jim Walls (Creator of the Police Quest Series)

Rescue mission, or act of war?

From Jim Walls, designer of two of the most exciting and realistic graphic adventure games ever written, comes a story as chillingly authentic as tomorrow's headlines.

Action and intrigue combine with the latest in simulation technology to create a thrilling adventure. The scenario: a kidnapped U.S. ambassador and the only man who can save him -- Code name: Iceman.

Oil shortages, international politics and radical terrorists form the backdrop for a powerful story of world crisis, superpower conflict and high tech escapades.

  • Use authentic Naval intelligence charts to pilot a nuclear submarine into enemy territory in a race against time.
  • Sierra's 3D Adventure Game Format, enhanced graphics and sound capabilities add to your gaming enjoyment.
  • Exciting original soundtrack and realistic sound effects bring new life to your gaming experience.
  • Contains a realistic submarine simulator -- the newest in simulation technology for a new kind of computer environment.

Minimale Systemvoraussetzungen:

  • 512k 8 Mhz, 640K on PCJr
  • IBM, Tandy and DOS-compatibles
  • supports Tandy graphics, CGA (greyscale only), EGA, MCGA (PS/2), VGA and Hercules Monochrome
  • Hard disk recommended
  • mouse/joystick optional
  • supports Roland MT32, Ad Lib, Game Blaster, IBM Music Cards and other music synthesizers
  • 3,5" and 5,25" disks

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