by Access 1990

You've Been Framed!

Agent Frank Mc Bain is dead... but why did they pin it on you? You've just 96 hours to find out... crack an international spy ring... and prevent a global disaster.

You're American agent Mason Powers and you've just intercepted an ultra secret massage about an international terrorist group. Just as you're about to brief CIA Section Chief, Frank Mc Bain, everything goes black... and you wake up in a remote prison hospital in Turkey... with no memory of what happened and charged with the murder of Frank Mc Bain.

Who set you up? Who is trying to kill you? And why do you feel such intense urgency? The Countdown has begun... and you better find the answer fast.

So Realistic, you'll think you're there!
Countdown features breathtaking Motion Graphics... combining stunning 256-color movie-quality graphics with Realsound, the revolutionary technology that gives you astonishing digitized sound effects, music and speech without hardware. Countdown also supports the major sound boards.


  • Obtain vital clues through visual flashbacks! See 100's of animated cells with synchronized voice and sound!
  • Interact with a multitude of characters who converse, animate and respond to your questions.
  • Over 50 different locations to search, each complete with indepth puzzles!
  • Analyse data with your hand held computer access device (CAD). The CAD allows you to access the main computer in Langley, Virginia

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