Creature Crunch

by Class6 Interactive / Tech Tool Ltd 1996

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Start your day the Creature Crunch way!

Wesley is having a super-bad day! He's been forced into the sprawling mansion of the evil Dr. Drod and transformed by the mad professor into a half-boy/half-creature. Then Wesley hooks up with another experiment gone wrong - Brian, a wiseguy brain floating in a jar, who says he can help Wesley escape. Drod's mansion is full of rooms, each filled with clickable objects, and the whole place is crawling with hideous creatures. Unfortunately for Wesley he can only defeat those monstrosities by finding things to eat - anything from cat food to furniture - which give him the creature-powers to wipe out all the bad guys. Can you find all the rooms, locate all the edibles and defeat all the creatures ... without giving Wesley a "master" cause of indigestion? There's only one way to find out - play Creature Crunch! Masterfully animated, with brilliant colors and new-tech design ... full of weird twists and wacked-out wit ... Creature Crunch is faster, fresher, funnier and punchier than anything else out there. And we've checked.

Made with real Martin Short and Eugene Levy!

That's right. Every byte of Creature Crunch contains the nutty goodness of superb actor/comedians Martin Short and Eugene Levy. Short and Levy began their careers creating outrageously funny characters as members of the classic television series, "SCTV Comedy Network". Both were emerys for their work on "SCTV". Since their start on "SCTV" Short and Levy have gone on to star in many popular movies, TV series made for TV movies and even Broadway. The wild energy and spirited interaction that Short and Levy bring to their Creature Crunch roles help transform this breakthrough CD-ROM adventure game into a serious interactive blowout for anyone ages 8 and older. This means you!

  • Movie style animation with better color than real life!
  • No Fat! No Cholesterol" No Sugar! No Vitamins! No Minerals!
  • Lots of fun for anyone over 8 years and older!
  • Crispy music! Crunchy effects!

ESRB: Teens 13+ (Comic mischief)

System requirements:

  • Windows 95/98
  • 16 MB RAM
  • min. 1 MB hard disk
  • 4 MB video card (SVGA)
  • Mouse

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