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Cruise for a Corpse

Release date: 1991
Developer: Delphine Software
Publisher: US Gold
Game language: Deutsch




A review by   Libby120   8th August 2003




After a short intro one is directly catapulted into the story, playing inspector Raoul Dusentier, who must clear up a murder case on a ship. Dubious characters and conflicting personalities, a gambling pastor, an alcoholic and of course the last will of the deceased lead to a good detective story, where everyone is suspicious.



Although this game is from 1991, the controls are very well thought out and user-friendly.

One can change neither the speed of the hero nor of the texts in the few cutscenes, however it isn't absolutely necessary to do so. Thanks to a "map function" one can simply jump into every area of the ship with just a mouse-click - it doesn't matter where you are. This saves annoying running around.

Furthermore the possibilities of working on objects are kept very small. Here too "Cruise for a Corpse" is well thought out and not equipped with too many senseless functions. Each object has different, individual possibilities to be "used" (look at, move, push, etc.). The inventory, which consists of a list, is very clear and you can only carry with you, what you really need. The most important function of the game is briefly said interacting with other persons and grill down to the last detail. Fortunately you can determine here, what you would like to talk about (multiple choice). It's fine that the characters don't go on talking here, but wait for a mouse-click to show the next text line.


The game

The graphics are reasonable for the time and even for graphic fetishists still acceptable.

The story is nothing new, probably also not only since 1991, and somehow reminds me of "Murder on the Nile", what doesn't mean that it could be called bad. Moving from location to location becomes boring in time and you then use the "map function" only. You will notice within a short time, that the game consists almost exclusively of dialogues. Not much object manipulations and hardly items to collect and use. And that's the sticking point of the game for me. Some objects can only be found at certain times during game. (Thus you can browse through piles of laundry 10 times and find nothing, if you are not there at the right time.)

You'll almost forget about searching objects by the many conversations and ignore them (for example a small key, lying suddenly relatively hidden on the floor in an area, which you've already entered several times). The conversations become more long-winded and more nerving in the course of the game, because as soon as a new character is introduced into the story, one must discuss all topics thoroughly. When you get a new topic with one character, it then must be discussed with all others either - otherwise you won't continue.

Unfortunately your protagonist doesn't possess personality, as in other games. You simply walk around talking to people. The game length is difficult to estimate. But after 15-20 hours you should have finished "Cruise for a Corpse".



"Cruise for a Corpse" needs approx. 3.4 MB on the hard disk. Beside the manual and character description a map of the ship is attached to the game, similar to the map, which is used within the game for fast location changes.

In addition there is a copy protection in form of a turntable. With each start of the game you are asked two times for a special combination on the turntable.

"Cruise for a Corpse" is a DOS game, which however also runs under new Windows systems. During the configuration one should change the sound output to speakers if necessary, then the game will run in any case!



Those who like whodunnit-stories, are just right here. A lot of story and everyone could be the rogue. Adventure game fanatics shouldn't miss the game. But people who like changes, selfinitiative and tricky puzzles, are rather advised against it.

Overall however something different - and as the game is from 1991, it gets another big bonus!



Rating: 65 %



Adventure-Archiv-rating system:

  • 80% - 100%  excellent game, very recommendable
  • 70% - 79%    good game, recommendable
  • 60% - 69%    satisfactory, restricted recommendable
  • 50% - 59%    sufficient (not very recommendable)
  • 40% - 49%    rather deficient (not to be recommended - for Hardcore-Adventure-Freaks and collectors only)
  • 0%  -  39%    worst (don't put your fingers on it)



System requirements:

  • Hard disk
  • 640 K RAM
  • VGA graphic card
  • Supports: AdLib-, Roland- and Soundblaster sound cards

Test system:

  • Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • AMD Athlon XP 1600+
  • 256 MB RAM
  • ATI Radeon 7500 graphic card
  • 12x CD-ROM



Copyright © Libby120 for Adventure-Archiv, 08th August 2003


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