by Dreamcatcher Interactive /Aneiva 1998


Lead the first manned mission

While commencing the Landing sequence, a strange force field surrounding the Cydonia region is encountered forcing an emergancy crash landing. Communications with mission control are lost and as the only uninjured crew member, you are challenged to locate and eliminate the force field that has you trapped on the surface. This quest will take you to a time and place uninvestigated by humankind ... until now.

Your mission is to travel to the Cydonia Mensae Region of Mars to survey the planet for the prospect of human colonization. Use your intellect and skill ... Learn AUI space language ... Decipher and collect clues ... Encounter challenging 3D puzzles ... Uncover the secrets of a martian civilisation concealed within the Red Planet.

  • Content based on the NASA and Russian space programs
  • Over 55,000 frames of stunning 3D screnes and animations
  • Environments created with remarkable detail and ingenuity
  • Exciting non-linear first person interactivity

In the summer of 1976, NASA's Viking planetary probe photographed a rock "face" measuring a mile from crown to chin, and a huge five sided pyramid. A vanquard of scientists have found powerful geometric ratios in the placement of these "monuments". Debate over the validity of these photographs has fueled major controversy in the space science community. As the controversy mounts, the mystery remains ...

  • Seamless 360 degree navigation
  • Enhanced with dynamic directional stereo sound
  • Fascinating multiple endings
  • Over 70 hours of engaging game play

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 95/98
  • Pentium 166
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 8x CDROM drive

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