Operation Stealth - (James Bond - The Stealth Affair)

by Delphine 1990

Operation Stealth is the second game to feature the exclusive Cinematique operating system, which Delphine have refined and developed since the release of Future Wars.

What sets Cinematique games apart from other adventures is their friendliness and ease of play, combined with intriguing plots and compulsive problem-solving.

  • Entirely mouse-controlled
  • Easy-to-use point and click interface
  • Completely interactive in full 3D-visionSet in the world of international espionage, Operation Stealth plunges you headfirst into a brand new Cinematique interactive adventure.
  • Full compatibility with Ad Lib and Roland Sonic Support (PC version)
  • Superbly atmospheric musical score
  • 256 colours (PC, VGA version)
  • High definition graphics
  • Detailed Animation

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