Pursuit of Justice
by Legacy Interactive/ Activision 10/2001

Even wonder what it would be like to be a detective or district attorney?

Pursuit of Justice is a relaistic role-playing game that lets you investigate a real-life crime, then prosecute the defendant in court, from first evidence to closing arguments.

It's up to you!

Your boss introduces you to the basics of the case ... A young man is dead. Who killed him and why? Interrogate witnesses, analyse blood samples, order fingerprint tests, review police reports, and do background checks. You can only prove that the defendant is guilty if you present the correct evidence and witness testimony in court.

During the trial, you select the topics, question witnesses, and object to defense questioning. Utilize the same logic real attorneys use to prove the defendant's guilt. Of course the trial may end before the jury reaches a decision, through dismissing the charges, bungling or misconduct on your part, but that's real life. This high profile murder case, fresh from today's headlines, is yours to win or lose.


  • Interrogate witnesses and possible defendants. Interview jailhouse informants. Do the alibis hold up?
  • Examine crime scene evidence. What will help you prove your case?
  • Analyse fingerprint, chemical, blood, and other lab tests.
  • Look up criminal records, relevant case law and more.
  • Present your case in court through a unique blend of open-ended gameplay and full-motion video.
  • Multiple endings are possible, depending on your choices.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000
Pentium 266 MHz
High color/16 bit capable 2 MB video card
16 x speed CD-ROM drive

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