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Developer: Cryo
Publisher Germany: Modern Games
Release date: 11/2002



A preview by slydos, 21st September 2002


After the historical novel of Gustave Flaubert and under the art direction of Philippe Druillet the Atlantis-3-Team of Cryo started out to convert this sumptuous-exotic stuff. Carthage, in the year 241 B.C.. The first Punic war against the Romans is just over.

Hannibals proud capital Carthage lies in debris. The Carthagian mercenaries are tired to wait for their pay and besiege the city. In the middle of destruction and massacres we experience the love story of Salammb˘, the beautiful daughter of Hamilcar Barkas, the commander of the Carthagian troops, with the leader of the rebels - Math˘. Salammb˘ is priestress of the goddess Tanit. Math˘ steels the magic veil of the goddess and defeats thereby the reluctant priestress. Thus also the city seems to be in his hands. But the priests begin to scacrifice to the god Baal ...

We play Spendius, escaped slave and companion of Math˘. Through his eyes we experience the story of the mercenary rebellion against Carthage. Spendius is more a survivor kind and rather avoids fights. He is more the one who creeps and infiltrates in the shadows.

Spendius not only tries to save his life but also tries to take advantage of the situation and making his luck. Cryo wants to create the essence of this picture-rich original story granting a maximum of interaction at the same time. The game is accompanied by Mozart's Requiem, his clouded in secrecy, unfinished last work.

To what extent the conversion succeeded, is still difficult to say in the moment. Anyhow great graphics are presented on the just launched homepage, which look exotic and monumental. The homepage is in French and English. In the near future some downloads are planned.





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