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Shine - Fear has a name

Nutty adventures in the mental institution

Probably this crazy adventure caused that one day Lorenz Steinke had to be picked up by two gentlemen in white smocks, who promptly put him into a pretty cell with rubber walls.

Some months ago Inscape transfers the gaming community  into a surreale world of the incomprehensible with the mystery adventure The Dark Eye. Leaned against the exciting stories of the great Edgar Allan Poe an adventure was created with a plot of  tricky puzzles and impressive pictures. The player was allowed to move through a strangely enchanted world and slip into different shapes. The eye of a fish or a phrenologic map - that were the transitions between the different micro cosmoses in the world of The Dark Eye.

A face as main menu - a click on the
eye or mouth and the game goes on

Who could not solve this difficult adventure game (the puzzles were very tricky indeed), finally was left before his PC as desperate shadow of himself with a strangely dull feeling in the stomach and giant-large question mark in the head. It is said, that few players, who failed with this game, should suffer from sleep disturbances and personality splitting.

Perfect confusion

Not even recovered from this attack on our salvation, BMG also threatens to publish a similar dangerous adventure. The game is called Shine and a preview version recently arrived at our editorial office. As my colleagues had understandable fear to test it (who will voluntarily let an adventure game drive you to the edge of insanity?), finallythe CD found its way on my desk.

Actually: Shine also seems to be created to imprison and eternally confuse the gamer's mind. Scurrile pictures are everywhere: Already the first scene takes place in an lunatic asylum. Behind the numerous doors of the institute insanity and nerve decay are lurking.

An old man eyeballs through the peephole of his door and asks curious questions. Through another spy hole the programmers of this game fool the helpless gamer grimacing.



Surreale picture flood

The story takes place in Twilight City. In this former center of esprit and fine arts a general decay began. Eternal dawn prevails and an oppressing atmosphere is extending. The gamer controls the character of Shine. But who is Shine? The gamer must find out that paintaking by collecting smallest pieces of ionformation. Other characters give hints about your origin or lead the player into the dead end. Those who try to approach the solution of this adventure with logic and system, are finally really ready for the lunatic asylum.

What exasperates this beautiful lady ?

Numerous considerable artists like the photographer Florian Seidl (Amica, Marie Claire), the German Heavy-Metal-Formation Schweisser and Ludwig Hungs, well-known grimace-artist from the McDonalds advertisement nevertheless care that the player will be confused on an artistical very high level. Those who don't understand the game can simply get high on the graphics and sound. In the next issue Klaus reports live from the studios about the work on Shine.

This older gentleman is a real grimace artist - but what is he hiding?




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